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Saturday, June 18, 2011

iPhone 4 Game Development for iPhone User

iPhone 4 Game Development

Apple iPhone 4 Game Development is huge gift for mobile users. Advanced Features and graphics technology used for design of iPhone 4 Game Development. In iPhone Industry, iPhone 4 Game is very popular in now a days and various types of iPhone game has been developed by our professional for regular Basis.Hire iPhone dedicated Game developer is an exclusive way of direct & easy control over your iPhone 4 application development Hire dedicated iPhone developers and we allow you to choose and hire your own developer that you feel would add to your team strength and work on your projects.

Here are some of the iPhone games developed by us:

  • Qopel
  • KooKoo Birds
  • Kiela
  • Mr-Golfer
  • Dice

The advanced software and hardware features of the Apple iPhone 4 make it a lucrative portable gaming platform for both – users and developers. iPhone Application Development India (IADI) has prior experience in the MAC and iPhone platforms which it employs in iPhone 4 Game Development.The teams of game developer at IADI design and develop engaging games for game enthusiasts making optimum use of unique iPhone 4 features. Well versed with the fundamentals of game programming, our developers are adept in providing clients several ingenious iPhone 4 game apps.

Special Features that make Best iPhone 4 game development platform which provided here:

  • Larger Screen Size
  • Highly Sensitive Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Retina Display (exclusive in iPhone 4)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iPhone Web Development Services at iPhoneApplicationDevelopmentIndia

iPhone Web Development

iPhoneApplicationDevelopmentIndia is is leading iPhone Application Development services Providing company to create new iPhone Application. iPhone Application Development is very growing in mobile industry. iPhone Web Development is special design approach and programming since the hardware and software components used with advanced Technology follow by users. The iPhone web developer has to take into account its small screen size, limited memory size, multitouch support among others to develop unique and interactive web apps for it.

Advantages of iPhone web development:

  • Design customized sites to suit the elegant high-resolution screens of iPhones.
  • iPhone has zoom and scrolling features to facilitate the viewing of large web pages
  • Social networking websites and microblogging sites are a rage on the net and they can be easily accessed on this portable device
  • M-commerce is overshadowing E-commerce in a large way

iPhone Web App Developer develops your product either as an application or as a compatible website. Since iPhone have millions of users worldwide, web application is the best and fastest way to reach out to them. It is a way to expand your business through the web on a mobile platform.

IADI is beneficial for your iPhone Web Development:

  • Reach out to the maximum target audience
  • Get web app that leverages your products/services
  • Get high quality products delivered in the stipulated timeframe
  • Assurance of hassle free services and maintenance
  • Avail constant guidance and support regarding your web application
  • These web apps are developed in the right color scheme and resolution and use HTML processing engine supported tags that guarantee complete compatibility.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook Application Development at iPhoneApplicationDevelopmentIndia

The much anticipated Blackberry Playbook is now available in the technology market with the potential to stand in tough competition against the iPad, iPad 2, Android tablets etc. Using the rich features of the Blackberry Playbook, IADI aims to craft out new applications under Blackberry Playbook Application Development.

With teams of proficient Blackberry developer who are adept in developing Blackberry Playbook Apps, IADI strives to provide outstanding service under Blackberry Playbook App Development among its other services.

Features of the Blackberry Playbook that makes it an exciting app development platform:

  • QNX Neutrino OS
  • Easy to use and flexible interface
  • Supports multitasking
  • High resolution screen
  • Lightweight and speedy
  • An unique gaming platform

Since RIM's Blackberry devices are well known for their messaging services and other related applications, the Playbook also provides for development of applications such as – web apps or webmail apps etc. Our Blackberry Developer for hire are proficient in developing such apps for your organisation while you just sit back and see the Playbook perform exceptionally well.

We provide services in the following areas of custom Blackberry Playbook Application Development services:

  • Entertainment Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Games Apps
  • Communication/ Messaging Apps
  • Web and Webmail Apps
  • Wi-Fi and GPS based Apps
  • CRM and ERP solutions
  • Porting existing Blackberry applications to your Playbook device

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